KidZip - Let the Adventure Begin!

Are you ready to watch your young players climb to new heights?

At Next Level, we’ve got the ultimate high-flying quest for your adventurous youngsters with our KidZip! Our expert instructors will guide your players on an epic journey though our high ropes courses, all while you kick back and enjoy the view from solid ground.

KidZip is a golden opportunity to get kids out and about. Sessions run in groups of 2 to 10 players, ensuring plenty of opportunity to encourage, elevate and share this unique experience with peers! Each session promises non-stop excitement and adventure!

While your kids learn the ropes, you’ll have the chance to capture epic snapshots from the paths below, or you can choose to challenge yourself and scale the tougher courses yourself! 

We’ll still need you to stay onsite and watch over their journey, either from the ground or sky. If you’re on the ground, there are some amazing cafes along the promenade where you can grab a coffee or quick snack and still stay close.

Sounds like something you and your kids would love? Read on, because we have two different KidZip options to choose from

KidZip Junior – A 1.5-Hour Express Quest

KidZip Junior is a shorter, express session for young players aged 6 to 9. In this 1.5 hr session, your juniors will conquer one full circuit of aerial challenges and ziplines, under the guidance of our Next Level instructors.

Junior sessions take place on one of our beginner circuits, Sunshine Scramble or Water Warriors. Each circuit has 23 challenges and 3 ziplines!  They’ll wobble, climb and balance 10 meters above the ground and zipline high over Cornmeal Creek!


KidZip – Prepare for a 2-Hour Expedition

For the more experienced adventurers aged 10 to 12, we’ve raised the stakes. This KidZip upgrade now offers a full 2-hour standard session, complete with training and harnessing. This extra time means more epic circuits to conquer, more challenges to overcome, and more obstacles to defeat! 

Regular KidZip sessions take place on either our Beginner or Medium Courses. Ranging from 10 to 12 meters off the ground, each circuit contains 23 different challenges and 3 ziplines. It takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete one circuit, so the more eager the climbers, the more courses they can complete!

Who’s Eligible for this Adventure?

KidZip is open for all those brave souls aged 10 to 12. Meanwhile, KidZip Junior is suited to little heroes aged 6 to 9.

Normally, these age groups would require a participating guardian or adult to supervise on the courses, but with KidZip sessions being fully supervised by a Next Level crew member, adults can choose to savor the serenity of solid ground or join in and tackle the tougher courses themselves.

So when can you embark on this journey?

KidZip is run during school terms every Saturday morning at 11:00am. 

When the school holidays roll around, we’ve increased the availability and have sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30am as well!

Prices start at $45 for KidZip Junior and $50 for regular KidZip.

So are your little players ready? KidZip awaits to take them to the next level of excitement!

Find out more or book your quest today!