High Ropes

Welcome to Australia’s Largest High Ropes Course on Poles

Next Level
Adventure Park!

Located conveniently at Sunshine Plaza in Maroochydore, Queensland. Take in the sights and enjoy the expansive 360° views overlooking Maroochydore and Cornmeal Creek. Whether you’re climbing, swinging or leaping from one aerial challenge to the next, we have a circuit suitable for all abilities and adventurers, aged 6 years old and up.

Next Level consists of three, 22m high hexagonal steel towers, interconnected by kilometres of cable, ropes and timber. Access to your chosen circuit is via the staircase on the Main Tower, stopping at the level with your chosen circuit. Before you begin climbing, you will be safely attached to the circuits from the base of the staircase, with our state-of-the-art, continuous safety system.

The park has 4 challenging levels, spread across 7 Circuits with a total of 140+ aerial activities including 16 ziplines stretching up to 130m over Cornmeal Creek. The higher you climb, the more challenging the circuits become.

Next Level Park is designed and operated by Trees Adventure, Australia’s Largest High Ropes and Ziplining Attraction Group.

We operate throughout the year, rain or shine, so you’re never stuck indoors on a wet day.

We’ll only cancel tours in extreme conditions such as lightning storms and high winds. We’ll postpone tours at our discretion and offer an alternative date and time of your choosing.

World Class Safety

World Class Technology

Our adventure safety system is built in compliance with Australian engineering standards that include construction methods and materials. We also use world-class continuous safety system, ensuring that players won’t be able to accidentally remove themselves from the circuit.

Safety Checks

Each day, inspections are conducted by trained crew who fly around on each circuit and verify the safety of the cables and safety equipment. A more vigorous inspection by the equipment and construction manager takes place quarterly, while an independent structural engineer provides an annual report on the steel towers.