BLOG: A sunshine retreat - with an unexpected adventure

When you think of the Sunshine Coast, you think of sunshine, beaches, surfing, Noosa and cocktails. Which is what we did for 95% of our holiday to Noosa, but what we didn’t expect was a high ropes adventure right at our doorstep.

We had spent the last week in Noosa, and traveled down to Maroochydore to get in some last minute shopping, and to be closer to the airport. We had a few hours to kill and lo and behold, Next Level High Ropes Adventure Park was at Sunshine Plaza.

Not having known about it prior, we booked into their next available session when we arrived, and only had to wait 20 minutes. It was mid-week, and not school holidays, so it was pretty quiet. If you’re heading up during peak periods, I would recommend booking on their website in advance). We opted for the 2 hour session, just to get some pre-flight exercise in. 

The harnesses were pretty comfortable, and the helmet made me feel a bit like an egg head but safety first! We also chose to have helmets with the Sunbrims attached, because it was a sunny day and you’re pretty exposed on the courses due to the fact they’re an urban park in a shopping center. Poles = no shade. There is a short 5 minute training video to watch before you start climbing, and then it’s really up to you!

Both my partner and I have done high ropes courses before, but not like this! With high ropes courses in the bush or forest, you have the trees and branches surrounding you like a cacoon, but here, you are exposed and really feel the height!

I started on the Beginner course (Water Warriors) that already starts 10 meters off the ground, and wow that first zipline really gets your knees knocking. The staff were really encouraging and talked you through how to do the zipline correctly, and once you lift your feet up, it’s such a thrill! You just have to be brave and do it!

There are 23 challenges per course, so I would highly recommend drinking water between each course (if you do multiple). You can purchase a soft bottle with a carabiner attached at the Office, but if you don’t, make sure you’re well hydrated, as you don’t want to get stuck half way and be thirsty. Some of the challenges are fun and easy, but others are a total work out! Who needs the gym!?

My partner is a rock climber, so powered through a medium and advanced course pretty quickly, and so the staff let him go up to try the expert Ninja Level! After two courses I was spent, so I took my harness off and went up the stairs (on the way to the Viewing Platform) to watch him at work. He smashed it, but it made him sweat! There are no ziplines on this course, so there is no break and it’s all upper body strength. Nice to see his ego come down a little bit.

Don’t be fooled by thinking this course is just for kids. It’s hard! (but such good fun!) We’re so glad we stumbled across it, as it was the perfect way to round up our Sunshine Coast holiday!


  • Eat a little before and stay hydrated throughout. It’s a workout!
  • Opt for the Sunshade brims on the helmets! It can get hot.
  • Climb midweek if you can. There’s less people on the course, and you can take your time.

Article by Michaela Robinson.

Images provided.