All participants and spectators must adhere to the below Terms and Conditions which apply to Next Level Park – Sunshine Coast (NLP). It is your responsibility to ensure that all participants in your group meet these terms and conditions.


  1. All participants must have a signed waiver and weigh less than 120kg to participate. Participants under 18 must have their parent sign on their behalf. The waiver form will be emailed with the booking confirmation email or can be found directly on the NLP website.
  2. The Trees Sunshine Obstacle Course (“Activity”) may reach up to heights of 22m. Not all risks can be predicted and by participating you understand and accept there are inherent risks involved.
  3. Sessions run from 1-hour to all day (within NLP opening hours) with check-in 15-minutes prior to your booking. See ‘Climbing Terms’ Part A for details.
  4. All pockets must be emptied prior to harnessing including:
    1. Phone
    2. Key
    3. Wallet
    4. With the exception to required medication as approved by Management.
  5. Limited size lockers are provided for small personal items. NLP will not take responsibility for any damage or loss of personal items or clothing as a result of attending the park.
  6. Circuit participants are required to be dressed appropriately to participate:
    1. Wear appropriate enclosed fitted footwear such as shoes appropriate for physical activity.
    2. Long hair tied back
    3. Waists covered
    4. Remove or cover piercings.
    5. Remove jewellery, such as watches, rings and large hoop styled or dangling earrings.
  7. The above does not apply to Viewing Deck ticket holders unless they have also booked a session ticket.
  8. NLP allows the use of cameras during the Activity, provided they are attached safely with a wrist strap or lanyard and are approved by NLP crew members. This includes GoPro’s and other action cameras. They must be safely attached to the participant using appropriate mounts and approved by a NLP crew members.
  9. NLP reserves the right to refuse admission to the Activity, or to remove an individual from the site should management deem it necessary to do so. This may include, but is not limited to:
    • Non-compliance with safety rules and safety system;
    • Disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour
    • Appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  10. No refunds or rescheduling will be payable by NLP should any participant not be permitted to participate.
  11. All participants must ensure they have the met the correct supervision ratio prior to arrival. NLP recommends adult supervisors who maintain a reasonable level of health due to the physical nature of the activity. See ‘Course Restrictions’ section below for age group details.
  12. Smoking is not permitted in the park, only in the designated area.
  13. No running in the park.
  14. No screaming whilst onsite in respect our wildlife and neighbours by keeping noise to a minimum.
  15. No equipment is to be taken past the reception. All equipment is to be removed prior to using the bathroom and must be fitted by a crew member prior to continuing the Activity.
  16. Pregnant women are not permitted to participate.
  17. Maximum weight limit of 120kg.
  18. NLP recommends people with pre-existing injuries or heart conditions do not participate. If participants have medical concerns, please speak to the park directly for clarification of safety.


  1. Check-in is 15-minutes prior to the booked session to allow for waiver forms,
    bathroom use and harnessing. Please take into consideration travel time to our
    site, parking and the walk to our location.
  2. Late arrivals: NLP maintains strict session times. Participants who are late will be
    trained in the next available session. No refunds or rescheduling is available for
    late arrivals.
  3. All participants must be fitted into the safety equipment supplied by NLP. Only the
    safety equipment supplied by NLP may be permitted on the Activity.
  4. Participants must only be fitted and checked by a NLP instructor prior to
    attempting the Activity. All safety equipment must be returned to the reception
    area at conclusion of the booked session.
  5. All participants must undergo training prior to commencement of the Activity,
    including participants who have previously participated, to ensure the safety of all
  6. Participants must act according to the provided training. If you are unsure at any
    time, please remain calm and seek assistance from a NLP instructor.
  7. The safety equipment must only be used as instructed, including the zipline
  8. Respect all equipment. Equipment must not be left or dragged on the ground to
    help protect the safety equipment for future use.
  9. All participants must attach themselves to the safety cable at the base of the starting staircase prior to attempting the Activity.
  10. Obey instructors at all times. Instructors are there to keep you safe and will assist
    you to have a safe and enjoyable session.
  11. Maximum of 1 person per aerial challenge.
  12. Maximum of 6 people per platform between each aerial challenge.
  13. NLP understands that each participant will move through the Activity at their own
    pace and encourage overtaking at the platforms for all participants to be able to
    do so. Participants are encouraged to manage overtaking between themselves on
    the Activity.
  14. Circuit 5 or 6 must be completed prior to attempting Circuit 7.
  15. Circuit 7 participants have access to the Viewing Deck.


  1. After training, participants will complete the number of circuits indicated by their
    purchased ticket and wristband. This may be affected by but not limited to the
    individual’s capabilities, the weather, the number of other climbers participating
    and their abilities. On average, each circuit takes approx. 1-hour to complete.
    Access to the Viewing Deck is 1-hour.
  2. Participants can choose their starting circuit, based on their age, ability, weather
    and other circuit restriction. Attempting Circuit 7 as a starting course is at the
    discretion of NLP instructors only.
  3. Circuit Requirements for 6 – 7 years
    1. This age group has access to Circuit 1 and/or 2 only.
    2. 1 participating adult is required up to 4 kids between these ages.
    3. The supervising adult must be of 18yrs or over.
    4. NLP recommends a separate adult to participate with this age group,
      allowing another adult supervisor for older aged children to maximise the
    5. Entry is free for spectators and ground supervisors.
  4. Circuit Requirements for 8 – 12 years:
    1. 1 participating adult is required up to 4 kids between these ages.
    2. The supervising adult must be of 18yrs or over.
    3. 8 – 9 years may access Circuit 1 – 4 only.
    4. 10 – 12 years may access Circuit 1 – 6 only.
    5. Groups who have children in both these age groups are recommended to
      have an additional adult participating. This is to allow for 10 – 12 year olds
      (if they bought more than 1 circuit) the opportunity to participate in a
      higher circuit with an adult, while another adult can continue with the
      younger age group on the lower circuits.
    6. Participating adults are required to purchase the relevant ticket.
  5. 13-17 years
    1. This age group has access to Circuits 1 – 7.
    2. Circuit 5 or 6 must be completed prior to attempting Circuit 7 or at a NLP
      instructor’s discretion.
    3. NLP recommends having a non-paying adult supervisor onsite whilst they
    4. This age group does not qualify as an adult supervisor for younger ages.
  6. 18+ years
    1. Has access to Circuit 1 – 7.
    2. Circuit 5 or 6 must be completed prior to attempting Circuit 7 or at a NLP
      instructor’s discretion.
  7. Circuits are graded according to difficulty, with strict accompanying age and
    height restrictions for participants under 18 years. Some of the circuits may
    require a level of ability above that of the participant. Only NLP instructors have
    the discretion to allow or restrict access to any participant should they wish to
    attempt a circuit, irrespective of their age or height, but based on the participant’s
    individual capabilities.
  8. If you have concerns on your personal ability to complete a circuit, please seek
    recommendations from the Instructors. NLP generally recommends:
    1. Circuit 1 and/or 2
      1. 6 – 7 years may only access this level but designed for all ages
        from 6yrs+.
      2. For participants not yet confident with heights.
      3. Who have not climbed at NLP previously.
    2. Circuit 3 and/or 4
      1. For participants who have some confidence with heights.
      2. A reasonable level of fitness.
      3. And are aged 8 years and over.
    3. Circuit 5 and/or 6
      1. For participants who are very confident with heights.
      2. Who maintain a higher level of fitness including upper body
      3. And are aged 10 years and over.
    4. Circuit 7
      1. Only participants who are of 13 years and over.
      2. And have completed Circuit 5 or 6, demonstrating the appropriate strength required for Circuit 7.


  1. Cancellation
    1. NLPis a most-weather event and operates rain, hail or shine. NLP will
      close during electrical thunderstorms and/or strong winds in the immediate
      local area. This will be at the discretion of NLP.
    2. Cancellations made 10 or more days in advance of the scheduled booking
      date, will receive a full refund or free reschedule, including group booking
    3. Cancellations made between 2-10 days from the scheduled booking date
      will be entitled to a 50% refund or incur a 20% reschedule fee to change
      the date.
    4. Cancellations made within 0-2 days of the booking or no shows will forfeit
      the entire booking, with no refunds or rescheduling available.
    5. In the event that NLP cancels prior to the start of your session for any
      reason, you will be informed immediately. You will be entitled to ask for a
      full refund or to book a new date.
    6. In the event you have already started your session and NLP is forced to
      close the park, you will be entitled to a free reschedule for one two hour session.
    7. In the event that NLP is forced to close due to extenuating circumstances (such as COVID-19, Government restrictions) your booking will be placed on hold, and the offer of free rescheduling or a voucher will be provided to bookings affected.
  2. Gift Vouchers
    1. Valid for 3 years from the date of purchase.
    2. Are not transferable or redeemable in cash in part or whole.
    3. NLP reserves the right to refuse a Gift Voucher once it has expired.
    4. Gift vouchers act as a form of payment, and are not a confirmation of a
      booking. Recipients are required to make an online booking through the
      NLP website, and will be prompted to enter their unique Gift Voucher
      number during the payment section of the booking process.
    5. The standard booking cancellation policy will apply after the Gift Voucher
      has been redeemed. See above Part A for further details.
    6. NLP only accepts NLP vouchers and Gift Voucher by authorised partners.

I acknowledge and agree that photographs, videos and electronic images may be taken and owned by Trees Sunshine and that Trees Sunshine
may use the photographs for promotional purposes. Verbal consent will be requested prior to images being captured by Trees Sunshine.