Last Update 4 December 2023

All participants and/or spectators herein referred to as (“Guests”) must adhere to Trees Sunshine Pty Ltd’s Booking Terms and Participation Conditions. These terms are applicable to Next Level Adventure Park (NL), and their respective park’s experiences, herein referred to as (“the Activity”). It is the responsibility of the main organiser, who is booking on behalf of their Guests, to ensure all Guests understand and accept these terms as part of the conditions of entry.

The Treetops Adventure Companies: Trees Adventure Pty Ltd, Canopy Adventure Pty Ltd, Canopy Adventure Yanchep Pty Ltd, Trees Yarramundi Pty Ltd, Trees Nowra Pty Ltd, Trees Yeodene Pty Ltd, TATPP Unit Trust, Trees Central Coast Pty Ltd, Trees Western Sydney Pty Ltd, Trees Newcastle Pty Ltd, Trees Pennant Hills Pty Ltd, Trees Coffs Harbour Pty Ltd, Trees Ku-ring-gai Pty Ltd, Trees Sunshine Pty Ltd, Treetops Cape Tribulation Pty Ltd. Purchases made for each park may display the above relevant listed company; and may not display ‘Next Level Adventure Park’ on the purchasers bank statement. 


During the Activity, Guests may ascend to heights of up to 22 metres. While we take extensive safety measures, there are inherent risks. It is important to acknowledge that not all risks can be entirely predicted or controlled, and therefore by participating you understand and accept these inherent risks.

The Activity can include the following experiences. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you and all Guests agree to adhere to each experience’s rules of participation. Our experiences include:

  • Junior Ropes Courses
  • Ropes Courses
  • Zipcoaster
  • Networld
  • Zipline Canopy Tours
  • Segway Tours
  • Mountain Bike Hire

Prior to harnessing, we require all loose items to be removed from your pockets. Essential medication that needs to be on your person should be communicated to park management. Examples of items that should be removed include:

  • Hats or neck scarves
  • Keys
  • Wallets/Purses
  • Electronic devices such as phones
  • Watches or bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Dangling earrings
  • Rings off where possible

Lockers for small personal items are provided for all Guests to use. Next Level Adventure Park does not take responsibility for any damage or loss of personal items or clothing as a result of attending the park.

Proper attire is mandatory for participation in the Activity.

  • Fully enclosed, sturdy footwear from the ankle down with rigid soles, and no prominent heels, are required. Sandals and/or shoes with holes are not permitted.
  • Shoulder length hair or longer, must be secured in a low ponytail. For those with particularly long hair, a bun or braid is required.
  • Waist covered.
  • Remove or cover piercings. 
  • Remove jewellery, such as watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces and large hoop styled or dangling earrings.

The Activity allows the use of phones and cameras, provided they are securely attached with a wrist strap or safety lanyard, and are approved by a Next Level Adventure Park Manager.

Next Level Adventure Park reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse admission to the Activity, ban from entry to the Activity or remove from the Activity any person who:

  • Has been convicted of a criminal offence, which, in the opinion of Next Level Adventure Park, is likely to affect the enjoyment of other visitors.
  • Has behaved in the Activity in a manner, which, in the opinion of Next Level Adventure Park, has, or is likely to affect the enjoyment of other visitors.
  • Uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or in any way provokes or behaves in a manner, which may provoke a breach of the peace.
  • Does not follow the written or show an understanding of verbal safety instructions or behaves in a manner which may endanger the safety of the individual or other visitors in the Activity.
  • Is in non-compliance with safety rules and safety system as instructed by Next Level Adventure Park personnel.
  • Appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

No refunds or rescheduling will be payable by Next Level Adventure Park should any Guest not be permitted to participate due to the above.

All Guests must ensure they have met the correct supervision ratio prior to arrival. See ‘Tree Ropes Course’ section below for course access information and supervision requirements.

Smoking or Vaping is not permitted at the Activity, near safety equipment or while wearing safety equipment. It is only permitted in designated areas.

No running or jumping on in the Activity.

No screaming whilst on site in respect for our wildlife and neighbours. We politely ask that all Guests keep the noise to a minimum, to also allow other Guests to hear important safety instructions by our staff.

Next Level Adventure Park maintains a pet free environment. The location of our parks is home to both native and wild species. For their protection, a limited interaction with domestic species of any kind is in place.

No equipment belonging to Next Level Adventure Park is to be taken past the check-in area. All equipment is to be removed prior to using the bathroom and must be fitted by a team member prior to continuing the Activity.

Keep to designated paths to prevent grass/garden bed compaction.

Pregnant women are not permitted to participate.

A strict weight limit of 120 kg applies. You may be weighed for your own safety.


Prior to taking part in the Activity, all Guests must complete and sign the electronic waiver form (“Waiver”). An adult aged 18+ is required to complete the waiver on behalf of any minor aged 17 and under.

Failure to submit a completed Waiver before participation will result in disqualification from engaging in the Activity. It is the responsibility of all Guests and their guardians, where applicable, to ensure a form is completed for all Guests. Next Level Adventure Park reserves the right to refuse participation to any individual who has not completed a Waiver form.


Next Level Adventure Park advises individuals with pre-existing injuries or heart conditions to refrain from participating. If Guests have medical concerns, it is strongly advised to seek advice from a healthcare professional before attending. 

If deemed safe to attend, it is mandatory to disclose any medical conditions on the waiver form that may be affected by participation in the Activity. This information assists our team in ensuring your well-being and safety during the activity.


Check-in is a minimum of 15-minutes prior to the booked session. Please consider early arrival to allow for travel time to the Activity, finding parking, use of lavatories and the walk to the check-in desk.

Next Level Adventure Park maintains strict session schedules. Late arrivals will join the next available session, ending at the originally scheduled session. The manager may, at their discretion, allow a full session for late arrivals. No refunds or credits will be given for late arrivals or no-show Guests. While we will do our best to accommodate late arrivals, there might be limited or no subsequent tours available resulting in the loss of all paid tickets.

Participants must wear and/or use the safety equipment provided by Next Level Adventure Park. No other safety equipment and/or gear will be allowed on the Activity. Participants must solely be fitted and checked by a Next Level Adventure Park instructor before attempting the Activity. Under no circumstances should equipment be left or dragged on the ground to ensure its integrity and functionality for future use.

Prior to attempting the Activity, all Guests must undergo a safety briefing and/or complete the training course to ensure the safety of all Guests and team members. Participants must adhere to the instructions provided at training. Follow our team’s instructions for a safe and enjoyable session – they are here to ensure your safety. Speak to a team member for assistance at any time.


Maximum of 1 person per aerial activity/obstacle/challenge, and a maximum of 6 people per platform. Participants are encouraged to proceed through the Activity at their own pace. Overtaking at platforms is permitted when safe to do so.

Following training, Guests are allotted their remainder of their booking time to complete as many courses as possible during their session. The completion rate may vary due to factors such as individual confidence and abilities, weather conditions, the number and capabilities of other climbers. Generally, Guests booking a 2 hour session, may manage to complete 2-3 courses within this duration.

Participants may select their initial course based on factors like age, ability, weather conditions, and other course restrictions. The decision to begin on a more challenging level is subject to approval by Next Level Adventure Park Team Members only.


To help keep all our Guests safe, it is important that we have adult supervision for younger climbers. A paid ticket is required for adults who participate together with these younger climbers, according to the requirements detailed below.

Where on-course supervision is required, Next Level Adventure Park recommends adults who maintain a reasonable level of health due to the physical nature of the Activity.

Each activity comes with its own supervision guidelines. When an age group does not require a participating adult, we kindly request for an adult to remain onsite and actively watch from the ground. Spectators and ground supervisors receive free entry.

Junior (6-9 years):

  • A participating adult is required as 1 adult per 2 Juniors (6-9 years)
  • The Beginner Level is accessible for ages 6-7 years.
  • The Beginner and Intermediate Levels are accessible for ages 8-9 years.

Child (10-12 years):

  • A participating adult is required as 1 adult per 4 Children (10-12 years).
  • The Beginner, Intermediate and Hard Levels are accessible for ages 10-12 years.

Child (13-17 years):

  • All levels including Expert are accessible for ages 13-17+
  • Children aged 13-17 years require an adult to check them into the park, and remain onsite and actively watch from the ground.

The courses are varied in difficulty and may demand a skill level higher than that of the Guest. Next Level Adventure Park Team Members solely hold the discretion on permitting or prohibiting access to any Guest based on their individual capabilities, regardless of age or height. 

Guests aged 8+ years are unlikely to complete all accessible courses within their session (with exception to the Unlocked Session). Below are examples of average course combinations for that may be completed during a session:

  • 2 Beginner Courses
  • 1 Beginner and 1 Intermediate Course
  • 1 Beginner, 1 Intermediate and 1 Hard Course
  • 2 Hard Courses
  • 1 Hard Course and Expert

If you have concerns on your personal ability to complete a course, please seek recommendations from a Next Level Adventure Park Team Member. We generally recommend:

  • Beginner Levels for Guests 6 – 7 years, or were unable to complete a higher level.
  • Beginner Levels Guests ages 8 +, who are not yet confident with heights or who have not previously climbed at Next Level Adventure Park.
  • Intermediate Levels for Guests aged 8 +, who have some confidence with heights and a reasonable level of fitness, or were unable to complete a higher level.
  • Hard Levels for Guests aged 10 +, who are very confident with heights, maintain a high level of fitness and upper body strength, and a reaching height that is unlikely to impact their ability to complete difficult aerial challenges.
  • Expert Level only for Guests aged 13 +, who have completed one Hard Course demonstrating the appropriate strength required for this level, and overall maintain a high level of fitness including upper body strength.


  • 1-hour Party Space Hire after the scheduled conclusion time of the session.
  • Access to the organiser will be given approx. 15-minute prior to the conclusion of the session.
  • All children require an adult to actively watch children within the Party Space at all times.
  • The organiser is responsible for providing all food, drinks, cutlery, crockery, tablecloths, cleaning materials, and any other necessary equipment.
  • The organiser and/or group bears the responsibility for ensuring the removal of all rubbish and recycling from the party space and Next Level vicinity.
  • During pickup, parents must contact the organiser upon arrival. It is the responsibility of the organiser to escort children up and/or down the stairs to their parent.


7 Days Prior: Fully paid upfront bookings can be rescheduled or fully refunded up to 7 days prior to your scheduled date. The final numbers and balance of your booking is due 7 days prior to your scheduled session date. Additional Guests are subject to availability. 

2-6 Days Prior: If booking cancellation occurs 2-6 days prior to your session date, you may reschedule your booking to a later date with a fee equivalent to 20% of the total value of your original booking. No refund applies for cancelled bookings. Booking credits will solely be issued if no alternative session date is available.

Within 48 hours: Rescheduling or cancellation requests made within 48 hours of the session date will result in a 100% fee, with all tickets, including those of no-show Guests, being forfeited.

Personal Factors: Refunds or booking credits are not extended to Guests unable to complete the experience due to personal factors, such as changes of mind or confidence levels. If an incorrect ticket for the age group is booked, any difference in price is payable upon arrival. However, there will be no refunds for overpayments made.

Weather policy: We are a most-weather activity. We reserve the right to reschedule due to factors beyond our control, such as thunderstorms and other unforeseen circumstances. The park will contact you if your session is affected.


Forced Majeure: Should events beyond the reasonable control of Next Level Adventure Park, including but not limited to “acts of God,” war, strikes or labor disputes, airline flight cancellations, terminated stays, infectious disease such as SARS and COVID-19, government regulation or advisory, disaster, fire, earthquakes, cyclones, or any other cause reasonably beyond Next Level Adventure Park’s control, Next Level Adventure Park maintains the right to cancel any booking, providing written notification to the Guest and credit the booking back to the Guest.

Group Booking Packages**: A non refundable deposit equivalent to 20% of the total value of your booking is required at time of booking. Minimum charges apply where applicable. The above Cancellation Policy clauses apply for changes made within 6 days of the scheduled session date, personal factors, weather and forced majeure.

**This includes school groups, party packages, or community groups that book exclusive Next Level Adventure Park packages, with deposit payment terms.


All prices are subject to change. The effective dates will be communicated to customers via our official platforms. We acknowledge that some advertising material and/or third party websites may display prior prices, and in these cases we retain the right to not honour outdated prices and information. While we will make every reasonable effort to notify customers, the information displayed on our website will take precedence. For the most up to date prices please visit our official website: /prices/


Validity Period: Valid for three years from the date of purchase. Next Level Adventure Park reserves the right to refuse an expired Gift Voucher. 

Voucher Value Options: Gift Vouchers are available for purchase as preset monetary values or as the equivalent of a specific ticket value (example, it is equal to the value of one child ticket). The voucher retains its specific monetary value at the time of purchase, regardless of any future price adjustments.

Price Adjustment: In the event of a price change after the voucher purchase, customers will be required to pay the difference at the time of booking, if the cost of the selected product and/or ticket exceeds the value of the gift voucher.

Single Redemption Only: The full value of the gift voucher must be redeemed within a single transaction. Remaining value is not transferable or redeemable for cash in whole or part.

Park Exclusivity: Gift Vouchers are exclusive to the original park selected at time of purchase, valid for any Activity or ticket type offered by the park. All vouchers can be applied at an alternative park by contacting our office.

Redemption process: Gift vouchers serve as a form of payment and do not confirm a booking. Recipients must make an online booking and enter their unique Gift Voucher Code during the payment section.

Cancellation Policy: Standard terms and conditions apply once a Gift Voucher has been redeemed.

Accepted vouchers: Next Level Adventure Park exclusively accepts Next Level Adventure Park vouchers or vouchers from authorised third parties.


Acceptance: By using or attempting to use a promo code for an advertised offer, you agree to accept and be bound by these special terms and conditions. Offers are non-transferable and have no cash value unless explicitly specified.

Offer Period: Promotions are available for a limited time only and for the length of time they are advertised, unless specified otherwise in the offer details. Next Level Adventure Park reserves the right to cancel or change any promotion at any time without notice and at its sole discretion. 

Conditions: Promotions are not valid for cash or cash equivalent. They cannot be applied retrospectively or used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts, including price matching. Rescheduling or adding activities, tickets, and/or products outside of the offer period will be charged at the full price.

Eligibility: Offers are applicable to eligible Guests as described in the offer terms. These terms may include specific criteria such as age or location.

Redemption limits: Promotional offers may have redemption limitations, which may include a maximum number of uses per person or transaction.

Offer Change or Termination: Next Level Adventure Park reserves the right to modify or terminate any promotional offer at any time without prior notice. This includes changing offer terms, duration, or availability.

How to redeem: To redeem an offer, Guests must adhere to the stated guidelines and terms. To apply a promo code, enter the advertised code into the promocode box during checkout.

Policy Updates: Next Level Adventure Park reserves the right to update or modify the promotional offer policy without prior notice.


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